Threat Detection and Response

Threat actors today are designing malware to be more sophisticated as technology improves. From encryption, packing to polymorphism, cybercriminals disguise their attacks from watchful eyes. Advance malware like Zero-day threats easily slips through antiviruses that are unresponsive to new emerging threats. Organizations of all sizes need a robust threat detection and response program that controls a comprehensive security approach from the network to the endpoint.

Threat and Detection Framework

Threat detection requires both a human element, as well as a technical element. The human element includes security analysts who analyze trends, patterns in data, behaviors, and reports, as well as those who can determine if anomalous data indicates a potential threat or a false alarm.

But threat detection technology also plays a key part in the detection process. There’s no magic bullet in threat detection—no single tool that will do the job. Instead, a combination of tools acts as a net across the entire organization’s network, from end to end, to try and capture threats before they become a serious problem.

KBE’s robust threat detection and response program employ:

  • Security event threat detection technology to aggregate data from events across the network, including authentication, network access, and logs from critical systems.
  • Network threat detection technology to understand traffic patterns on the network and monitor traffic within and between trusted networks, as well as to the internet.
  • Endpoint threat detection technology to provide detailed information about possibly malicious events on user machines, as well as any behavioral or forensic information to aid in investigating threats.

By employing KBE’s combination of these defensive methods, your company will increase the chances of detecting and mitigating a threat quickly and efficiently.

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