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Our Security Management services help organizations identify and mitigate potential threats. We assess safety and security policies to ensure that organization’s employees, products, buildings and data are safeguarded. We understand the importance of protecting an organization’s employee and customer data.

cyber security management process

Data security is an ongoing process that involves a number of tactics, such as:

Penetration Tests: (also known as pen tests) are designed to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in a company’s computer network. After conducting a pen test, the testers report their findings to the company’s security manager so solutions and patches can be developed.

Vulnerability Management: Network vulnerabilities allow threats such as spyware and malware to gain entry into a company’s network. The more applications a company deploys, the more vulnerabilities it creates for itself. Security management professionals must identify a company’s primary threat vectors so that they can be addressed.

Endpoint Security: Endpoint security involves protecting an organization’s computer network by protecting the remote devices that are bridged to it, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. Security managers must help an organization understand the need to engineer proper security for wireless technologies.

Phishing and Identity Theft: Phishing is a tactic used by criminals to steal someone’s identity. The most common phishing campaigns involve convincing fraudulent emails in which the sender purports to be a legitimate company. For example, the criminal might send out an email that purportedly comes from a certain bank to tell the target that their account has been hacked or disabled. The only way for the recipient to fix the problem, the email states, is to click on a link and log in to their account. This allows the criminal to verify the target’s security details, which helps them steal the target’s identity. Security managers must remain up to date on the latest phishing ploys so company employees can remain informed about the latest threats.

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