Security Design

Our Security Design process is unique in understanding how fundamental components ranging from hardware, operating system (OS) and software interconnect together with the goal of preventing security issues. The design and architectural principles are centred around the CIA triad model ensuring the protection of the activities and assets of the organization and the people.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Under the CIA triad model, KBE’s security professionals have been evaluating threats and vulnerabilities based on the potential impact of an organization’s assets. A key concept regarding the CIA triad is that any priority in one of those principles would lead to sacrifice or trade-off of another. We help each organization to settle on applying and balancing each principle based on its unique requirements.

Components of the CIA Triad

Our information security and risk management (ISRM) strategy provides an organization with a road map for information and information infrastructure protection with goals and objectives that ensure capabilities provided are aligned to business goals and the organization’s risk profile. Traditionally, ISRM has been treated as an IT function and included in an organization’s IT strategic planning. As ISRM has evolved into a more critical element of business support activities, it now requires its own independent strategy to ensure its ability to appropriately support business goals and to mature and evolve effectively. KBE’s multiphase approach to developing an ISRM strategy is extremely effective and provides recognizable results and value to an organization.

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