Digital Risk Protection

KBE’s Digital risk protection (DRP) service protects organizations from cyber threats during their digital transformation. Rather than reacting to cyber threats after they’re discovered, organizations’ cybersecurity strategies must shift to a proactive approach to protection. This is the key to supporting ecosystem expansion while mitigating risk.

DRP refers to all unwanted consequences that result from digital transformation. The negative outcomes of adopting new technology are difficult to predict. New solutions may introduce undetected vulnerabilities that cyber attackers may eventually exploit. Certain data processing conditions may also trigger new unpredictable data breach vulnerabilities. Our service aims to mitigate such undesired outcomes so that organizations can fearlessly embrace the digital transformation necessary to scale in this fast-paced era.

common digital risk for business

Examples of these attacks could be account takeover, brand impersonation, targeted phishing scams, and social media threats.

By implementing KBE’s DRP solutions, you would be able to:


  • Protect your Internet brand reputations and credibility
  • Protect your domain investments from domain squatters, typo phishing campaigns and other infringing domains
  • Uncover fraudulent domains that pose a risk to your brand and customers
  • Protect your social media accounts against hacks, phishing, malicious content, and compliance risks

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