Concept, Values & Strategy

KBE is a global leader in the information security sector. Our mission is to offer the greatest security for your corporate data, whether it is hosted onsite or offsite, so you can focus on your business.

At KBE, we strongly believe that mere knowledge is not enough to overcome today’s security challenges. Knowledge needs to be combined with execution that embeds values ​​such as responsibility, courage, sincerity, imagination, dedication and resilience in order to combat the constantly emerging and changing threats. This is why KBE specialists are constantly training and have more than 200 certifications from worldwide information technology leaders.

Information security must be handled in a manner that appropriately considers the entire business operating context. It cannot be dealt with by a single product or a single solution. At a fundamental level, security is a complex set of processes in which products and technologies are just some of the components. Managing security comprehensively means having a 360° perspective of what you need to protect: your people, your processes, and your business itself. That’s how KBE approaches security for our clients.